Breaking Into the French Online Casino Market

A couple of decades ago, IBM created an ad that said the world is getting smaller. True enough, the world has indeed become smaller and accessible in cyberspace. No matter what kind of business, it pays to have an online presence. As more and more people got connected, online business became a big industry and none is bigger than Google itself. Another big industry is online gamblinroulette-298029_960_720g. Here are some of the key considerations when putting up an online casino in France.

In more ways than one, French are no different from people in other countries. There will always be casual and serious gamblers. Even if the French government has legalized online gambling, they have proven to be restrictive and unfavorable to operators.

The French Gambling Act (the Law No 2010-476 of 12 May 2010) do allow online sports betting, online horse race betting and online poker games, but it restricts online casino games, spread betting, betting exchange, with the exemption of poker. Besides the limited range of online gambling games, operators are taxed heavily. To legally operate in France, gambling servers have to be located in the country.

Despite the restrictions, opening an online casino in France can prove to be a lucrative business. In 2015 alone, it was estimated that the French online gambling industry is worth nearly €800 million. For a new company to penetrate the market, simply offering the standard games provided by the third party may not be enough to gain a significant market share to sustain the business. The new company has to invest in innovation.

On games that are allowed, what could be done to distinguish itself from all others? It is not simply a matter of providing the most games, but setting itself apart from the others that offer French players something new to have fun with.

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